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10 NBA Jerseys To Give You That Authentic Look

The NBA is one of, if not the most popular sports league in America, and with that comes a lot of fans.

The NBA jerseys are often seen as a way to show your support for your favorite team or player. The authentic NBA Jersey will give you that look and feel like you belong on the court with them, but how do you know which jersey to buy? Here are 10 Jerseys to give you that Authentic Look!

This is the jersey Kobe Bryant wore during his second season in the NBA. Wearing this jersey you’ll be guaranteed to look like a real Laker fan. The jersey has the authentic NBA and Adidas logos sewn on it and is made with polyester mesh material. It also features “Mamba” embroidered in the front of the jersey and Kobe’s number 24.

1.Authentic Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 2001-02 Jersey

Tracy McGrady’s authentic jersey from his time with the Houston Rockets is a great choice for any fan. The quality of this jersey can’t be beaten because it features Adidas logos, a sewn-on number, and “McGrady” written across the back.

2.Authentic Jersey Houston Rockets 2004-05 Tracy McGrady

The authentic Patrick Ewing jersey from the time he was playing for the Knicks is a classic choice from any collection. This jersey has been sold out by nearly all stores, but you can get it here at an affordable price. The quality of this one isn’t as good as the other two mentioned, but it still looks great when worn. The authentic NBA logo and Adidas logos are somewhat small on this jersey and the design doesn’t seem to fit too well.

3.Authentic Patrick Ewing New York Knicks 1985-86 Jersey

This is a replica from when Team USA won gold in Barcelona in 1992. This jersey has a square fit to it which makes it look much better when it is on. It has two large Adidas logos on the front, an authentic NBA logo sewn into the left sleeve, and “Team USA” written across the back in block letters.

4.Authentic Jersey Team USA 1992 Magic Johnson

The authentic road jersey from when Tracy McGrady was playing for the Orlando Magic is a great jersey to purchase. This jersey features Adidas logos and sewn-on numbers across the back, as well as McGrady’s name written on the front in block lettering similar to #4.

5.Authentic Jersey Orlando Magic Road 2000-01 Tracy McGrady

This jersey would be perfect for any fan of Celtics history. This is the jersey Larry bird wore during his time with Team USA. It has sublimated lettering on the front, sublimated numbers on both sides, and authentic NBA logos sewn onto the sleeves.

6.Authentic Jersey Team USA 1992 Larry Bird

This jersey was worn by Jordan in his final season with the Bulls where he led them to another three-peat, defeating the Jazz in the finals. This jersey is a replica from that time and features sewn-on numbers, authentic NBA logos sewn onto both sleeves, and “Jordan” written across the back in script lettering.

7.Authentic Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1998-99 Jersey

This jersey was worn by Jordan when he led the Bulls to their first three-peat. This jersey has authentic NBA logos sewn onto the sleeves and “Jordan” written across the front in script lettering.

8.Authentic Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1991-92 Jersey

Any fan of 1980’s basketball will recognize this jersey. This is the jersey Cheeks wore when he led the 76ers to their first championship. It features names written on the front and back in non-sublimated lettering, as well as patches of authenticity sewn onto both shoulders.

9.Maurice Cheeks 1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers Road Authentic Jersey

This authentic jersey would be perfect for any Rockets fan. This jersey features authentic logos sewn onto the sleeves and “Yao” written across the back in non-sublimated lettering. It also has sublimated numbers on both sides, but they appear to be much smaller than other jerseys.

10.Authentic Jersey Houston Rockets 2004-05 Yao Ming