6 Makeup That Gives You Glowing And Beautiful Look

Women are naturally beautiful but with the usage of makeup, they will get glowing and beautiful skin at once. There are a lot of makeup products that you can choose from in the market and all of them have their own purposes. Today we will list 6 makeup product that makes you glowing and beautiful.

The perfect pencil layer to color your brows with the use of spoolie to blend out.

* Comes in 3 colors
* Size is 0.08 g and 1.6 mm
* Comes with a clump-free and breakage free formula
* Made with the combination of HP-DCC Complex and sodium hyaluronate

1.A'pieu born to be mad proof thin pencil layer

gently apply this lip tint on your lips to get a vibrant and stunning look.

* Comes in 6 colors
* Size is 3.3 ml
* Color will not fade until washed
* Non-sticky and moisturizing jelly-like glossy texture

2.Wish stone tint (Jelly)

The spray will keep your existing makeup all day long with a single touch.

* Only need to wait for a maximum of 1 minute for the layer to cover your makeup
* Made with Centella and bamboo water

3.Fix my makeup fixer

A simple to use and stunning eye shadow that makes you look beautiful all day.

* Comes in 10 colors
* Size is 3 g
* Made with diamond, sapphire, and pearl powder for shine

4.Glitter prism liquid eyeshadow

Can be applied under the makeup for glowing and natural skin.

* Size is 50 ml
* Comes with moisturizing cream, primer, morning pack, and luminizing cream
* Made with jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid, aquaeramide, and raise damascene flower water

5.Glow skin balm

This combination of makeup will keep your makeup light, skin moisturized, and protected from UV lights.

* Comes in 7 colors
* Size is 50 ml
* Made with hyaluronic acid, ceramide, rosemary leaf extract, and chamomile flower extract

6.Missha M perfect cover BB creamSPF 42 PA+++

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