6 Bags That Are Perfect For Travelling

Traveling is fun as you get to explore new places, eat new food, meet new people, etc. You even get to have new experiences and memories. But when traveling, you need to bring various items like toiletries, clothes, shoes, etc. Here are 6 bags that are perfect for traveling. These travel bags are sure to be functional but still fashionable for your airport pictures.

This is a nice suitcase that is a carry-on at the same time. It has a handle and wheels that you can pull with you but you can also attach it to a bigger suitcase. It is perfect for times when you need an extra bag or for short travels that do not need much stuff to be brought in. It costs $110 and comes in nude or black.

1. Murphie Underseat Carry-On Luggage

This is a piece of nice and chic luggage for $165.75. It is lightweight and comes in a cute terrazzo design. It has a lock and is even expandable. This is perfect for your travels.

2. Terrazzo Carry-On Luggage

This is another chic luggage that is perfect for your Instagram photos at the airport. It comes in six color options which are black, pink sand, Atlantic, linen, moss, and hazel. These are solid colors that are very nice and classy. Get one for $195.

3. Hue Carry-On Luggage

This is a durable and spacious laptop bag that can fit different items inside. The laptop sleeve is even removable. It also has various compartments for your different belongings to keep them organized. Get this bag for $148. It comes in black, birch, or toffee.

4. Haven Laptop Tote Bag

This backpack is durable and has a lot of pockets for different items like a compartment for a laptop and another for a tablet. It comes in hazel, moss, and black. Get it for $62.

5. Glenroe Backpack

This bag is for those who like to be organized on the go. Its exterior is water-resistant to keep your belongings safe and clean. It has pockets for storage and is collapsible to easily access pockets and the inside for your clothes. Get it in black, mauve, or cheetah for $98.

6. Compact Large Garment Bag