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Factors To Look When Buying A Professional Suit

A professional suit is something people use to portray themselves as a professional person, smart and polite. The following are some of the factors to look at when buying a professional suit;

1. The fabric of the suit

The material used to make the suit will play a big role in determining whether you look professional or not. Good quality fabrics like wool, cotton or linen are the best materials for suits. Although polyester can also be used to make a suit, it is not ideal for formal contexts; therefore you should avoid them.

2. The colors of the suit

The colors of your suits say a lot about you and how professional you are seen as. Solid colors like black, dark brown, navy blue and grey are professional colors. Patterns like plaids should be avoided because they might suggest that you are flashy and not serious.

3. The fit of the suit

The reason why a suit is called ‘formal’ is that it has a formal fit. Formal means custom fitted to your body shape, not just any random fit. The suit should be very form-fitting around your shoulders, chest and waist while being loose around the legs. If you are still wondering if the suit fits you properly, then it probably doesn’t.

4. The accessories

Accessories say a lot about how professional you are. For example, choosing to wear a tie and a pocket square would make your suit more professional than wearing only a tie. A plus is that you get to accessorize your suit with different ties and pocket squares for different occasions and settings.

5. The shoes

The shoes that you choose must be appropriate for the setting or office where you are going to wear the suit, therefore choose them carefully. For example, if you are wearing formal leather shoes to work then they should look like the ones that professionals wear, not the kind that people typically wear in their daily lives.