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10 Gent And Lady Matching Undies To Die For

For Valentines Day and for every day for that matter, pair and match your couple underwear and swimwear with these nasty outfits from Shinesty:

You both glow in the dark as a sweet couple. Enjoy Valentine’s day and every romantic day thereafter with these Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear purchased as a duo. Cupid shoots his arrows to his sweetheart so that she falls madly in love with you in these undies.

1. The Cupid Shuffle

They are comfortable undies with the Wall Street Ball Hammock® Pouch technology.

The pouch has an extra piece of fabric that keeps your balloons from slipping downwards and drowning.

2. The Ball Street Bets

This cute pair of solid black bikini undies is similar to that nice black dress somewhere in your closet. It is a classic which will always make you feel wanted and desired.

3. The Threat Level Midnight

Playing Cards Modal Bikini Underwear that’s always going to catch his attention. Subscribe monthly or get once. Its design is an x-rated deck of cards that will make you laugh at those naughty kings and queens.

4. The Strip Poker

It is a Denim one-piece swimsuit. Best paired with your man’s Daytona Dong Sarong because they are both denim-themed.

5. The Jacksonville Jenkins

It is the man’s denim-themed swim trunks that are best paired with your Lady’s Jacksonville Jenkins. They are both in light blue denim and when you’re together, you will look hot!

6. The Daytona Dong Sarong

It is a Flamingo Tropical Wrap Dress for the lady right out of Miami Vice. Goes well with the Mack Daiquiri for your handsome gent.

7. The Fort Lauderdale Vice

The Cuban Fruit Tropical Suit right out of the Miami Vice TV series, ala Don Johnson outfit. Pairs well with your Lady’s Fort Lauderdale Vice dress.

8. The Mack Daiquiri

For the hot chick, it is a Fire Check One-Piece Swimsuit. It is perfectly paired with your man’s Highly Flammable Fire Swim Brief. Beware because both are combustible and can ignite. Just kidding.

9. Highly Flammable Swimsuit

For the perspiring hunk, it’s a Fire Swim Brief that’s surely going to burn and ignite her desires. Perfectly compatible with her Fire Check One-Piece Swimsuit. Burn them all while you both comb the beach shore or just frolic around the pool.

10. Highly Flammable Brief