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7 Mind-Blowing Men’s Knitwear For Suit Choices

Gone are the days when men used to wear woven clothes for suit layering. However, the trend has changed now. Modern males prefer knitwear for their suits. Here are 7 superb options for you.

This chunky jumper is an ideal option for your next suit. Made with a chunky-cable structure, the item introduces a texture shot for work and casual occasions. Additionally, the product comes rich with lambswool for a more subtle feel.

1. Roll-neck jumper

It’s a classic item that stands against changing trends. You can pair the piece with denim or use it as a layer for suit options. Made from high-quality wool, this roll sweater promises an extra soft feel. Other features include static fighting properties and moisture-wicking performance.

2. Roll-neck merino jumper

If you’re planning to build up your suit’s basics with knitwear, look no further than the crew neck sweater. It lets you keep running all through the year. You may layer it with stone chinos or other options for an enriching effect.

3. Crew neck sweater

Available in a burgundy shade, this super-soft jumper is the right choice for your next party. The best part of this sweater is it’s fairly versatile. Blended with merino wool, the item presents working functionality and keeps its shape amid your regular chores.

4. Burgundy roll neck sweater

If you’re seeking a more stylish crew sweater, check this item. The product makes layering a breeze. Available in navy blue, the knitwear features a ribbed structure rich in lambswool. The sweater is insulating and breathable to keep you comfortable.

5. Chunky rib crew neck jumper

Seeking a charcoal sweater for suit layering! If yes, consider this zip neck jumper. The item has a zip, featured at the neckline. Plus, it’s knitted in merino wool yarn that ensures moisture-wicking and a super-soft feel.

6. Zip neck jumper

Need an option as a layer for a tailored look or as a zipped up for a crew! If so, consider this zip-up hoodie. The item is luxurious and professional at the same time. It has a regular fit for swift movements, allowing the body to breathe freely.

7. Merino blend hoodie