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How To Choose Ribbed Long Suspender Skirt

A ribbed long suspender skirt is a unique item in the planet fashion industry. It is known for being very practical, comfortable and stretchy, also very stylish. It can be worn in a formal or casual situation. The ribbed fabric makes this skirt very stretchy and allows the wearer to move freely while wearing it. It has also a back zipper which helps a lot for putting on and off the skirt, maybe the best part of the design according to some customers that have reviewed this product.

How to choose Ribbed long suspender skirt

The best way to choose a Ribbed long suspender skirt is to consider;

1. Your body shape

This skirt is very stretchy and form-fitting. If you have an hourglass shape body, this skirt suits you the most since it will give you a very good fit. To know more about your body shape, consider reading this article:

2. Your height

This skirt is mainly designed for women that are taller than 5’5″, however; it can be worn by any woman of any height. This skirt has more style if it reaches the knees, but of course, you can wear it shorter.

3. Your personal style

This skirt can be worn formally or casually, which makes it very versatile to be combined with other fashion items. It is recommended that you style it with a casual shoe and top if you are planning to use it on formal occasions; however you can wear it with heels and a dressy top too on the same occasion.

4. Price tag

This item is slightly more expensive than other fashion items of its category, you can get this item in the price range of $60-$90 depending on the retail store and its location. If you want to get a cheaper option for this item, consider looking at second-hand stores which provide cheap alternatives of new fashion items with good quality.


The ribbed long suspender skirt is very practical, comfortable, stretchy and stylish at the same time. It is recommended for women that are taller than 5’5″ and have an hourglass shape.