Women's Clothing

8 Great Fit Women’s Sweatpants & Leggings Offers Better Comfort

Sweatpants and leggings for women may be fashionable as well as functional. Choosing the proper fit for your body type is essential to minimize inconvenience or discomfort while wearing them in public. They’re crafted of high-quality cotton with just enough elasticity to keep your legs and waist from feeling constricted.

* These comfortable yet structured cotton fleece sweatpants will have you lounging in elegance.
* The addition of a color-coordinated drawcord, bespoke metal grommets, and reinforced pockets enhances the comfort and durability of the design you have grown to recognize and appreciate

1. Classic Sweatpant

* With a high-rise and quality fabric that is ultra-soft yet durable enough to withstand washing and wearing, these sweat pants won’t pinch, bag, or make you seem larger than you are.
* This design, which has a fold-over elastic waistband and a tapered leg, can be paired with practically anything.

2. Everyday Vintage Sweatpant

* The softness of a sweatpant but clean and contemporary designs complement it. Designed with our superior French terry fabric and a flattering broad, straight leg, the Everyday Straight Sweatpant is perfect for everyday use.
* In addition to providing two pockets and a slimming look, a 2″ flat knit rib waistband sits flat against your body and doesn’t slide around when you’re moving.

3. Everyday Straight Sweatpant

* These leggings were created with our signature high-rise waist and a piece of luxurious fabric that feels wonderful on the skin. They’re suitable for a variety of activities ranging from yoga to CrossFit.
* This lightweight, high-rise, and compressive top are perfect for summer with side pockets.

4. Cropped Power Legging

* A perfect blend of compression, softness, and stretch is found in this high-rise performance legging with a high-rise waist. Smooth fabric will not ride up or dig into the skin.
* This legging has a suede lining, a side pocket, and ballistic nylon features, making it ideal for everyday use.

5. Power Legging

* This slim-fit Women’s Jogger has 100% French terry cotton midweight fabric, a channeled waistband with dye-to-match drawcord, and reinforced front pockets.
* The inseam reaches just above your ankle bone, and the legs are tailored for a narrow fit. Wear these for anything from your morning exercise to working from home.

6. Everyday Jogger

* In its distinctive Ponte fabric, the City Jogger has a slim-yet-comfortable fit. This jogger is ideal for the weekend and beyond, with a channeled waistline, side pockets, and a tapered leg.
* The simple shape of these jogging pants refers to vintage joggers while maintaining a bright, tailored look.

7. City Jogger

* A legging is both attractive and comfy and ready for anything you have planned. Ponte fabric with a double knit construction resists pilling and fading after repeated washing and wearing.
* Beautiful stretch recovery gives this pant a flattering design quality that stays in place throughout the day.

8. No-bs Pant