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10 Women’s Tops And Jackets For Outdoor Fitness

Working out in the outdoors definitely gives a different experience. You get to breathe in fresh air while running while being under healthy UV rays early in the morning. But of course, when you work out outdoors, you should wear clothing that is fit and adaptable to the weather conditions in case it gets hot, in case of rain, or when it is chilly outside. Here are 10 tops and jackets for outdoor fitness.

This is a nice turtleneck that is made with Merino wool that has wind-blocking features that makes it perfect for winter. It comes in a beautiful dark gray color in sizes XS to L. This top provides warmth and is very soft. It is also odor-resistant. Get it for $168.

1. NDO Wind-Block Turtleneck

This tee is made with Merino wool and Tencel. It is perfect for running. It is thermo-regulating which means that it can keep you cool or warm depending on what you need. It is also very durable and is antimicrobial. It comes in a nice moss/olive color. Get it for $88.

2. Off Roads Tee

This is a nice long sleeve top for $75. It comes in two color options which are emerald and rosewood. It is available from size XS to XL. It is breathable and is soft with a classic style.

3. Van Cortlandt Long Sleeve

This is a limited-edition top that comes in nice patterns that is available in XS to XL also. There are four designs to choose from for $70 each. This top is perfect for Cross Country. It is made with lightweight materials.

4. Cross Country Singlet

Get this nice sweater for $108. It is black with a red hair design. This top is very classy and is durable. It is heirloom quality. To get one that fits you well, purchase a size bigger as this top shrinks when put through the dryer.

5. Trackhouse Crew - Flocked Hare

This is a nice running jacket for winter. It comes in sable, black, navy, and dark gray for $158. If you still want to go outside to work out in the winter or during a cold time, this is the jacket that you should grab.

6. Franklin Fleece

For $188, you can take home this jacket in ivory and navy color. It is wind and water-repellent with 360-degree reflectivity. The hood is removable too for days when you need it and for days when you don’t.

7. Boston Billy Jacket

This top comes in maple and in navy. It is a nice outer for going outside. You can use it when going to the gym or even for your morning walks and runs. Get it for $198.

8. New England Overshirt

This jacket is really nice for $198. It is capable of withstanding various temperatures and weather activity. It is very versatile and light too.

9. Off Roads Hybrid Jacket

This is a jacket that you may wear alone on your runs or as a layer. Get it for $74. It is smooth and comfortable. It is also lightweight. You can choose spice, navy, or black for this top. You can also get it from size XS to XL.

10. Twilight Quarter-Zip