Tips When Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings have been a tradition for many years. They are popular because they symbolize the love and commitment between two people and the timeless beauty of diamonds. When you plan on proposing to your significant other, make sure you look into buying a ring that can last for an extended period, which is also meaningful and will cost less than other experiences. Do your research and take a look at this list of tips when buying diamond engagement rings:


When you look at the diamond, you need to pay close attention to its clarity and ensure it is as clean as possible. If there are any imperfections in clarity or haziness, make sure you get a discount on your ring. Diamonds that are too cloudy will not sparkle as much, and this can make your proposal less memorable than you had hoped for. A diamond with perfect clarity will have optimal sparkle and gleam and be a piece of jewelry that she can enjoy forever.


You need to examine the shape of the diamond, especially if you are buying a round-cut diamond. A good cut will have sharp edges and corners evenly distributed all around the ring. If it does not have these things, you should get a discount for that brand or for that diamond. A good cut will balance out the weight of the ring, so it is not too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.


When shopping for an engagement ring that will be worth a great deal of money, make sure that it is not going to turn yellow or have any other color tint as you wear it. With diamonds, the whiter they are, the more valuable they are. A good way of checking on this aspect is looking at its grade on the GIA color scale and making sure it can go from D to Z (D being very light and Z being very white). Also, if the diamond is made from any colored gemstones, it might be different from what the GIA scale shows.


There are many different types of diamond shapes and cuts. You should look at it when you are buying your engagement ring because that shows you how much thought went into making it, so make sure it has your favorite shape. You should also ensure that the diamond has been set in a setting that complements its shape and style.